Melo melo

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Our strongest kava on offer with a peppery taste that gives heavy effects with a impressive 12% kavalactones. The grind on this kava is quite fine and after kneading it gives  a dark  coloured brew. The heavy effects last for 2 hours but lingering effects last up to the whole day. Strong, bitter and earthy tasting.


  • chemotype 423165
  • 100% noble kava only
  • Origin: Tanna Islands, Vanuatu
  • Heavy effects
  • 12% kavalactones
  • 100% Lateral roots

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3 reviews for Melo melo

  1. Helmut

    Great product and fast delivery to the continent

  2. nicksawyer80 (verified owner)

    Thank you to Kava club this is the best Kava I’ve ever experienced it’s amazing and I’m extremely happy with finding this site after trying a few other companies and not getting the same results. Also great contact with supplier and super quick shipping and response. Thank you

  3. Chris Greenhalgh (verified owner)

    I was a little worried about ordering from overseas but the kava arrived fast with a smooth easy shipping process. Great relaxing product and I’ll very likely become a regular customer. Big shout out to kavaclub, highly recommended if you’re thinking about trying kava and it’s hard to buy from a supplier in your own country.

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