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Kava Club
High Quality Kava Supplier in Europe
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Kava Club
High Quality Kava Supplier in Europe
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Guaranteed delivery on all countries in the EU


Contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week via email

No taxes

You won't pay any taxes or additional costs on orders placed within the EU

100% Noble Kava

Only noble sourced kava from the south pacific

About Kava Club

Having years of experience with kava we formed kavaclub-eu with the goal to supply Europe with the highest quality kava. Kava has incredible medicinal benefits, something which people of the South Pacific have realized and used kava for quiet some time. The Europe region has lacked good quality kava in the past with us being one of the first to supply high quality medium grind kava and instant kava from the Islands of Vanuatu, Fiji and the Solomon Islands in the EU. We only stock fresh noble certified kava  

We ship kava  safely and discreetly to all over Europe including Germany, Ireland, France, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Austria, Portugal and the Netherlands discretely without tax or custom charges. We stock many different types of kava so for any questions of which kava is best suited for you get in touch by email.

Effects of Kava

Relax the Mind & Body

People have been using kava for centuries to unwind in the afternoons and evenings after a long day.

Island State of Mind

Melanesian and Polynesian communities have used kava to foster peace and consensus among their members.

Ease Social Anxiety

Studies have shown that it helps alleviate nervous anxiety, tension, and restlessness.

Natural Sleep Aid

Kava encourages restful sleep to help you recharge for the challenges of the next day.

Traditional Kava

Brought to Europe

from the South Pacific